The Power of Online Marketing

It’s no secret that today’s homebuyers are starting their search online for their NextHome. The Internet and Real Estate Agents are statistically the two most useful information sources for homebuyers today, so advertising your listing online is a no-brainer.

Marketing your home online is essential in reaching the broadest audience of buyers. Zillow receives over 36,000,000 unique visitors per month. You read that right, PER MONTH! And that’s just one of the hundreds of National Listing Distribution websites that we market your listing to online to ensure it gets in front of all of the buyers searching online for their NextHome. But every agent puts their listings on Zillow, duh! The Wine Selling Home Team goes above and beyond to create high quality, unique marketing content for your home to help it stand out against the other active listings on the market. Additionally, Marnie & Teri’s online marketing has direct avenues of communication that leads interested parties back to them directly so they can quickly provide them with accurate details of your home.

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In addition to expansive online marketing strategy and providing easy to access information on Zillow, The Wine Country Home Team displays your home on hundreds of other websites searched by homebuyers. The power of our National Listing Distribution program gives your home unparalleled exposure to all key homebuyer searched websites and the best opportunity to sell your home for the highest price possible. With the majority of homebuyers beginning their search online and spending an average of 10 weeks looking for their NextHome, The Wine Country Home Team understands the importance of tracking how your home is performing during the listing phase. As an added benefit to their National Listing Distribution program, Marnie & Teri are able to see how many searches your home has shown up in, how many views your home has gathered, how many leads have been generated as a result of online marketing, and much, much more.

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Most sellers would agree that the most frustrating part of selling your home is not knowing what’s happening along the way. Are people viewing my home? How many people are interested? Are there any potential new buyers interested this week? The Wine Country Home Team has you covered. They are not only tracking all of this information, but they’re going to share it with you on a weekly basis, making sure you know exactly how your home is performing on the market keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

For additional information on The Wine Country Home Team’s unique online marketing strategy, contact them today!